Are bad online impressions driving your potential clients away?

Your practice website is your 21st century shopfront. Somewhere clients can learn what you do, and start to interact with your business. Like a shopfront, your website should clearly indicate the services you offer, be inviting, well-maintained, and professional. Here are some tips for creating an engaging and polished website.

Your main chance to make a first impression is via your website

Whether they’re searching for an adviser via word-of-mouth, Google, or social media, often potential clients will get acquainted with your website before they decide to meet you. A confusing, uninformative, or just plain ugly website could turn them off before they’ve even reached the first hurdle.

A whopping 88% of Australians now own smartphones1 - meaning they’re just a few clicks away from your business 24/7. Don’t waste this opportunity by presenting something that doesn’t represent your expertise and professionalism.

Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for

Build trust by making it quick and easy for potential clients to find simple, essential pieces of information about your business. Avoid burying these details among endless pages of promotional or unnecessary material. Your website should be straightforward to navigate and have the most important information – who you are, your AFSL details, how to contact you, and the services you offer – stated up front in plain English.

Demonstrate your expertise

The financial services industry is complex and constantly evolving, which is why people need a specialist like you to guide them through it. You can use your business website to advertise your expertise. Show that you’re on top of changes to tax and super rules - things that have an impact on clients’ finances. Do this by blogging and posting links to relevant news updates and helpful information. Updating content at key times like end of financial year and the federal budget communicates that you know what clients need and when they need it.

You can also use your website as a place to publish testimonials from happy clients on how you’ve helped them. This is particularly effective with people brand new to financial advice – it’s far more relatable than a list of services or advice industry jargon.

Not tech-savvy? It’s no excuse

It’s 2018! The vast majority of the population is walking around with the internet in their pocket – can you really afford to underestimate the value of your digital presence?

There’s a range of affordable website solutions available, with varying levels of customisation and search engine optimisation – to help people find you easily. Educate yourself on online best-practice so you can be sure you are making a great first digital impression.

Make your website a powerful marketing tool and not an online hindrance for your business.

Jigsaw practices can find out how to create a professional website and much more through Portal or by contacting your Regional Manager.

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