Core Services

When you join Jigsaw Support Services you’ll have a dedicated State Manager to help ensure you get the right support for your business, when you need it.

Advice Technology Solutions

You'll have access to a range of systems including an extensive online resources hub, advice documentation system, and a learning management system which can track your CPD requirements. Learn more about we help support advisers with their Advice Tools and Documentation by watching this short video.


We offer a range of tools, templates and education material to assist your business to attract new clients, connect and engage with your existing client base and retain clients. 

Compliance and Audit Services 

We pride ourselves on providing a quality advice program to help assist  in meeting your regulatory and compliance requirements. so you can have peace of mind. This includes, but is not limited to; AFSL Compliance scorecard, adviser audits and access to webinars. advice policies and our advice service desk. Watch this short video to find out more about how our Audit team helps practices like yours.

Professional development and education

Jigsaw provides access to highly specialised, comprehensive training courses and professional development events. This helps you to ensure your representatives are well positioned with current information and expertise.

Technical support and communication

Our dedicated technical team is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to assist with a range of financial planning technical issues. Find out more by watching this short video. You’ll also be kept up-to-date on industry changes with regular communications.

Investment research and RPL

A wide range of resources are available including access to investment research on each product on Jigsaw’s extensive Recommended Product List (RPL), giving you the option of augmenting your existing Approved Product List (APL). You can also utilise our extensive reporting and library of managed fund profiles, portfolio reports and analysis and discussion papers. Watch this short video to find out more about how our dedicated team helps advisers make informed recommendations for their clients.

Revenue collections and reporting

We provide a streamlined and efficient payment system for the processing of product revenue.

Recruitment services

Our national recruitment team can help support your adviser recruitment needs through candidate sourcing and assessment, qualification and education verification and access to our Human Capital Toolkit.

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